Whatever happened?

I have had times in my life of solitude and rebirth so to speak. During these times many poems came through me, some times as words of wisdom for my own healing. This particular poem came when I was day dreaming of the memories from childhood. I saw a quote that said something like “It’s never to late to have a happy childhood.” These are my words in rhyme of the innocence we sometimes forget and need to be reminded its truly never to late to smile and lift your spirit.
Peace, Love, & Light 2U


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Dream 3 way

It happened two days ago, the epic event. Sometime during the scene I think I said I feel like I’m in the best dream ever. I’ve been requesting to work with Ariella Fererra for quite some time plus it’s a pairing that Candygirl sure has been vocal about wanting. Not only did Ariella and I finally get matched but was also got a bonus, Ms. India Summer. The scene was shot for Twisted Passions:Lemoyne Hotel series. I am curious to watch this scene mostly because I have little recollection of what we did! It was a sweaty intermingling of three horny sensual brunettes, what more could you want?





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Little Lola Foxx

Lil cutie pie Lola Foxx is new to GFF and loving every minute of it. I knew Lola before we worked together and was looking forward to our scene. As you can see Lola is cute as they come and as sweet to. Enjoy the BTS photos provided by @AnnaBVolk as well as the *Before and *After scene pix with Lola. Our scene was shot as part of PMML series.








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A few more pix from set last night

Some fun pix. The group shot is for box cover, minus the middle finger salute of course. A group of fun silly girls last night. Aaliyah Love, Kiera Kelly, Elexis Monroe, Moi.


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Beautiful sexy love with Elexis Monroe

As many of you know Elexis is in between surgeries right now. It has been a little while since she has performed and she felt a little pressure on herself today to get back on the bike so to speak. She looks as beautiful as ever. I can only try to understand what emotions she must have felt today. There has been much awaited anticipation from our fans for this scene and we did not want to disappoint. Let me say this scene will pleasantly surprise you. The crew said it was a sexy scene but to me the real sexiness came at the end as we held each other. There was such warmth between us and I don’t just mean body heat. Most of all I wanted Elexis to feel loved during our time together and I let her know this by my actions during the scene and my words at end of scene. I don’t know if many of you know but Elexis and I worked together around 3 years ago. Her passion and intensity during that scene made a lasting impression with me. I have eagerly been awaiting the opportunity to “work” with her again. Enough of my babble. It was as amazing as you can imagine and I can hardly wait to hear your comments when the scene comes available. Love U.





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Finally! Sex with Sinn Sage

A couple nights ago I was able to participate in a benefit scene to help Elexis Monroe. The scene is for Girlfriends Films who I have had the pleasure of shooting for many times in my few years in AE. The scene of this night may very well be my all time favorite encounter with a female. The set up was simple with us on a couch in jeans with Elexis beginning the interview. Sinn and I were a little nervous about interviewing each other but quickly found our rhythm and eased into sharing stories of our sexual awakenings. I had heard so much about Sinn as far as what a great performer AND lover she is so I was secretly really anxious about working with her, hoping I would match her abilities. It helped tremendously to be dressed somewhat how we would dress if were actually hanging with each other. I’m so used to dressing as a motherly figure that when I can be closer to my casual self it helps me be more comfortable in my skin. So now we were on the bed with 3 camera lenses aimed in our direction awaiting to capture this encounter. Beautiful, intense, and warm are the three words I can use to best describe this scene. It is one I will most certainly watch when it is released. It’s one of those experiences that makes me reflect with a warm smile and tingling in my groin. Incredible.




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After pic with Marie McCray from shoot today 10.19.2012


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Shoot with Marie McCray


After two cancellations and a few extra hours of waiting on set, a final replacement was found for my sex scene. Funny, the order was a brunette then blonde and as you see, the red head won! I wasn’t sure how a scene with Marie would go only because I’ve seen her before and always thought of her as someone to admire from a close distance, as in she is so cute, perfectly proportioned and petite I didn’t want to dishevel her. Once we got thru the quick dialogue and into the sex I let go of any preconceived ideas and flowed with her into a sexy experience which culminated into a sweat dripping finale. This was my first time shooting for director B. Skow. I look forward to the release of this movie because of the very twisted story. I thought I was pretty warped until reading the script for this one. Look for its distribution through Girlfriends Films, possible title: Truth be Told. It’s a story not to be missed.

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Dialogue + special scene for Girlfriends Films

A couple weeks ago I worked for Girlfriends Films in what may be the most fun experience I have had on camera. I won’t reveal the set up, you will have to wait for the DVD release but here are some pix from set for the new series called, The Creepers.





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